Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-denomination and non-profit charitable organization established in the Republic of Kenya laws under The Trustees (perpetual succession) Act chapter 164 to advance charitable purpose in Kenya and elsewhere in the world. PRF was fully legally registered on 21st December, 2010 and awarded the certificate of incorporation along with a common seal by the Minister for Lands and it was formed in early 2009.

Prophet Priest Dominic Mwangi is the founding Trustee of Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) and he is a community volunteer and servant of God for over 22 years. PRF is a unique community foundation formed by peasant (small scale farmer living in rural permanently) acting for the peasants (small scale farmers living in rural permanently).

It is charitable body corporate about education, community development and empowerment activities, environment and food security programs. We work with women groups in our community population, the youth groups and self-help groups are involved in our programs from the marginalized and poor community. They participate in our events in promoting the community development, humanitarian events like food packaging, cooking for orphans, vulnerable and street children, mobilizing the resources, and other public participation.

Our charitable purpose is to implement our initiative programs and projects for the benefit of our poor communities where our vision is to have the improved living standards for the marginalized and poor community by 2035 in mobilizing the human and the resources.

The charity main mission is to keep on investing to fight extreme poverty and hunger, promote human rights, promote peace and even responding for emergencies like fire, flood, conflicts, diseases etc.

The charity supports talented youths in the poor communities, empowers orphans, widows, and single mothers, and supports the care of the orphans, persons suffering from HIV/AIDS and disaster victims.

Our motto is: “To empower people to help others”

Prophet Reward Foundation is the only grassroots charitable non-profit trust community foundation doing the common good deeds in the Republic of Kenya and beyond borders to other horn of Africa countries.

Our motto is:“To empower people to help others”

To accomplish our fully mission to the marginalized and poor community, we partnered with Hope Development Volunteers (HDV) in 2011 as Kenya development partners which in 2015 re-branded to Go Volunteer Africa and designed our initiative Prophet Reward Foundation Charity Beyond The Borders Community Trust Volunteers (PRF-BBCTV) program. The program is to recruit and hosts for potential developmental volunteers for placement to their meaningful interest projects in Kenya which we physically identifies initiative groups and register them as our beneficiaries for free in our program.

On 17th January 2014 Prophet Reward Foundation partnered with United Nations Volunteers (UNV) in Kenya to work together in empowering the volunteerism and to mobilize the initiative groups to implement the United Nations programs in the marginalized and poor communities in Kenya.

Food bank– Food, medicines, medical supplies, medicine equipment disaster supplies for emergency response, feeding programs for orphans, elderly, needy persons from the marginalized, vulnerable and poor communities and disaster victims. Please Donate!

Gifts in kind – Food, Clothing, households, uniforms, blankets, mattress, computers, vehicles, furniture, electronics, toys, dolls, textiles, printers, printing press, stationary, preaching equipment, music equipment, sports, games, arts & craft materials & equipment, teaching materials, farming materials & equipment, machinery, marine equipment, and any gift-in-kind you can feel good in donating to help somebody in need but not junk of throwing bin. Do something good to become good. Please Donate!

Resource centre – Prophet Reward Foundation is calling to potential developmental volunteers to partner in purchasing 1000 acres piece of land to construct a complex as our H/Q centre to implement our initiatives and objectives for the benefit of the marginalized and poor communities in Kenya and beyond our borders. PRF charity headquarters is situated at Nairobi Metropolitan in Kenya East Africa where we recruit local and international developmental potential volunteers.

Our main initiative programs involved in resource centre are Prophet Reward Foundation Charity beyond the Borders Community Trust Volunteers (PRF-BBCTV) & Prophet Reward Foundation Africa Hyper volunteers Centre (PRF- AHVC). The programs are sustainability of the foundation in recruiting the experts and professionals skilled volunteers to implement the income generating activities as our resources centre. Relaying in donors only support, many non-profits ends on closing the doors without accomplishing their missions.

PRF-BBCTV & PRF-AHVC are supported by a network of Volunteers that visit the projects and provide help and support. Volunteering is a great experience which makes a positive impact on the lives of all parties involved.

How To Help

With the increasing discontent with giving blind to a charity with little knowledge of where your donation goes; PRF-BBCTV & PRF-AHVC are able to offer a way to ensure your money ends up where intended as a resource to the community and donor Trust. You choose your matching project, and visit it to ensure that the money has been spent the way you wanted. Through limited red tape and administration costs your money in full goes to the people that need it.

How It Works

1.Contact a PRF-BBCTV Trustee in Kenya and choose a suitable project to apply in (Humanitarian tourism, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Fund Researching, Education, Literacy and Teaching, Environment Conservation and Wildlife Conservation, Community Development Internship, Disaster Relief, Orphanage Work and Youth Support Projects, Rural and slum Development Projects, Elderly and HIV/AIDS, Care of Disaster Victims, Empowering Orphans, and Empowering widows or PRF- Africa hyper volunteers Centre and PRF Resource Centre)

2. Finalize your donation budget and intended project.

3. Send the funds and arrange a field trip to review the success.

4. Travel to Kenya and see what difference you have made staying with the people you have helped (you can combine your field trip with a holiday too)

Visit PRF- charity beyond the borders community trust volunteers and volunteer your skills whilst contributing to the projects. PRF-BBCTV is intending to host many volunteers over the few years to come to offer and exceptional experience at grass root levels.

An important goal for PRF- charity beyond the borders community trust volunteers is to help people get directly involved in making positive change. We welcome anyone who comes with a kind heart, open mind and sharing attitude.

PRF-BBCTV is an initiative program for a small organization Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) on at a scratch point (starting point). So all volunteers must cover their own expenses. The children absolutely love meeting new people and their sweet personalities will almost certainly put a smile in your heart.

Volunteering is such a wonderful experience; you have the opportunity to teach and learn at the same time! PRF is the only African community initiative charitable organization formed from the poor community with the African passion and life experience for the poor. We recruit international and local potential developmental volunteers, hosts and placement them to their interest matching meaningful projects.

PRF was accredited by Independent Electro Boundaries Commission (IEBC) as a Domestic observer group to observe 2013 Kenya General Election on 4th March, 2013.

Our mission statement activities to observe is:-

1.To promote peace, free and fair election.

2.To mobilize and bringing the different faiths (interfaith) together to participate voluntarily for the common goal to bring peace in our communities.

3.To incorporate and partner with other local and international institutions, companies, governments, organizations etc for the benefit of our local communities.

We recruited 113 local people from different faiths volunteers and placement those to some various polling and tallying stations in all 17 constituencies in Nairobi counties including main tallying centre BOMAS to liaise with IEBC regional & national election coordinators.

Our challenges in the participating process were the transportation, training, logistic, materials, lack of experience, coverage, reimbursement, etc. We are inviting local and international volunteer experts, partners, collaborators, to tailor-made together the opportunities and create the short and long term sustainability for Domestic Observer Group for different faiths (Interfaith) to be observing the elections in Domestic regions in East and Central African countries.