image1Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-denomination and non-profit charitable organization established in the Republic of Kenya laws under The Trustees (perpetual succession) Act chapter 164 to advance charitable purpose in Kenya and elsewhere in the world.

PRF was fully legally registered on 21st December, 2010 and awarded the certificate of incorporation along with a common seal by the Minister for Lands and it was formed in early 2009.

Our programs structure covers all our 47 counties in Kenya and beyond horn of Africa countries.

It is charitable body corporate about education, community development and empowerment activities, environment and food security programs and all humanity services to poor community.

We work with women groups in our community population, the youth groups and self-help groups are involved in our programs from the marginalized and poor community support. They participate to our events in promoting the community development, in humanitarian events like food packaging, in cooking for orphans (chapatis forums), for vulnerable children, for street children, for elderly people and for widows/widowers, and in mobilizing the resources, and other public participation.

Our charitable purpose is to keep on investing, fundraising and mobilizing the resources to implement our initiative programs and projects for the benefit to our marginalized and poor community to fulfill our vision and mission services to humanity.

We achieves this through your potential partnership,your support,

  • your sponsor,
  • your donation,
  • in investing with us,
  • your collaboration,
  • your contribution,
  • in volunteering with us,
  • your links to potential donors,
  • grants and investors,
  • your professional skills,
  • your advice,
  • working with us,
  • tenders,
  • imports,
  • exports,
  • exhibitions,
  • businesses,
  • fundraising,
  • etc………………

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Prophet Reward Foundation is the only unique grassroots community foundation formed by small scale farmer acting for other small scale farmers operating from the interior rural to international level. No brokers, No cartels, No middle person. Its fully benefiting poor community direct from the donor/fund to project.

Unrecognized, we are making Kenya to become a millennial magnet in involving young local and international volunteers to work with in making magical change in fully transforming the poor community directly impact on grassroots even without known by our national systems. Prophet Reward Foundation is the only millennial magnet mother of all NGOs in Kenya challenging the world structural community service impact to humanity population.

Our motto is:“To empower people to help others”

On 17th January 2014 Prophet Reward Foundation partnered with United Nations Volunteers (UNV) in Kenya to work together in empowering the volunteerism and to mobilize the initiative groups to implement the United Nations programs in the marginalized and poor communities in Kenya.

To fulfill our full potential to the marginalized and poor community, we partnered with volunteers organization experts Go Volunteers Africa as Kenya development partner in 2011 where we are making magical impact in community development and social work to humanity services as direct development donors. Read more about Go Volunteer Africa and apply now.

Apply to volunteer with our charity abroad Africa in Kenya Go Volunteer Africa.

Apply and request to work with Prophet Reward Foundation meaningful projects to your interest in Kenya placement.