Empower Youth

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Most people living in urban slums and rural villages where we serve are in condition of poverty and consequently they have no possibility to afford the costs of initial startup capital to start businesses in order to engage in income generating activities.   

The majority of the youth lack adequate skills and they struggle to survive by doing odd jobs. Basically, all the youth incomes are oriented to first needs. Entrepreneurial and vocational skills training are also a costly venture for many of them. However, the cost of entrepreneurial and vocational skills training, which could be considered as a middle solution between work and school, are still beyond the means of many poor youths living in these slum areas and rural villages in Kenya and African Countries. 

For the local youth, we solicit for funds to support the initiative youth project with aim to give a concrete possibility of social and economic empowerment. Therefore, we request you to support us in the acquisition of funding that will facilitate our activities.

Prophet Reward Foundation champions the youth participation in local and international leadership and involvement in creating the platform, support, opportunities and the room of initiating their fully potential.



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Listen to one of our young talented artist beneficiary achievement from poor community in Kenya featuring the orphaned children love. (YouTube Video)

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