Empower education

Education enables people to break out of the poverty trap and enhance the quality of life for themselves and their community. Our education HUB solicits fund for orphans and needy children from the marginalized poor communities for bursary development programs, scholarship development programs, improve and support the informal schools, teach environmental awareness and build capacity in our communities, conduct vocational training and facilitate adult education programs.

In the poor communities slums and rural, schools are often overlooked, chronically under-resourced and marginalized.

Our program consists of infrastructure assistance:
• construction of community informal and public school classrooms
• provision of equipment
• construction of ablution blocks
• construction of crèches
• administration rooms
• community points
• development of vegetable gardens and other school support programs such as;
• Conservation lessons.
The far-reaching benefits of the school support program include:
• Classroom over-crowding is reduced
• Overall learning conditions are improved