Empower single mothers


An organization in Nairobi, Kenya charitable, non-profit, orphanage, children home, volunteer, feeding program, youth, urban, rural, international and community development.

To change the negative attitudes of society towards people coming from single parent families

By mobilizing single parents into groups through which they can carry out innovative practical projects aimed at enabling single parents to:

  • Collectively address common concerns
  • Increase their household income
  • Raise their children successfully

We demonstrate to the public that single parents are equally able members of their communities, who when given a chance and the empowerment, can contribute positively to the socio-economic development of their communities.

To initiate projects in sectors that can enhance the welfare of people in marginalized poor single parent families, through:

  • Training services -manageable and sustainable income-generating activities to support the basic needs to stop unskilled sex practices and commercial sex which contributes to mass deaths.
  • Linking remote communities to direct AIDS service providers, such as mobile clinics, blood testing and counseling
  • HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns among the wider community
  • Rights-awareness and lobbying activities to enable single parents to advance their rights
  • To create support systems among people from single parent families
  • Through encouraging the formation of single parents groups,
  • through which members can offer group counseling and also build resilience,
  • from interacting with fellow single parents,
  • so as to face the challenges that come with single parenting.

Through working with similar-minded people/organizations who’s vision of overcoming poverty and stigma among marginalized groups so as to enable:

  • Sharing and learning from mutual experiences
  • Enabling the mainstreaming of single parents’ issues/needs in the respective service providers’ programs.