Empower women

We believe in empowering women and girls is one of the most effective ways to create sustainable outcomes in the marginalized poor communities. We are charitable organization with a special focus on working with women and girls to bring about lasting change to their communities. The charity is working together with communities to provide emergency relief and address the underlying causes of poverty.

We facilitate lasting change by:

  • strengthening capacity for self-help
  • providing economic opportunity
  • delivering relief in emergencies
  • influencing policy decisions at all levels
  • And addressing discrimination in all its forms.

Guided by the aspirations of local communities, we pursue our mission with both excellence and compassion because the people whom we serve deserve nothing less.

Core Values
• we respect and value diversity.
• We respect, value and seek to enhance local capacities.
• We value and support the central role of women in development.
• We recognize and value the professionalism, skills and experience of our staff, volunteers, missionaries, partners and their contribution to institutional learning and development.
• We value charity’s dynamism, adaptability and resilience.
• We value the support of our donors and program partners.
• We value the operational freedom which stems from being a charity which is independent of any religious or political affiliation and which does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, age, religion or politics.

Women and girls can create lasting change if they have the opportunity to gain an education, access health services, generate an income, and take a lead in their community.
• Educating girls has cascading benefits. Educated women are:
• less likely to die in childbirth
• more likely to have healthy babies
• more likely to send their children to school
• better able to protect their children from HIV, trafficking and sexual exploitation.
• Put simply, educating women and girls provides the single highest return on investment in the developing world.