IMG_20141109_130108Looking for local and international investors/volunteers to invest in African heritage to PRF- Community Peace Museum Construction and Implementation.

Read more below to understand and take an urgent positive respond in peace building to our beloved country Kenya if you are able to partner with us in this potential  and meaningful program.

About this community

A Brief History of the Museum. In ancient times (it is so, to an extent, even now) an African belonged to his family, clan and ethnic group. The community provided the individual’s security, understanding, awareness and fellowship. The dominant characteristics of the traditional society were security of the individual in the group and for the group as a whole and close integration of all patterns of behavior — social, religious and political.
Much of this has now considerably changed with new circumstances which require that all forty-four ethnic communities be incorporated into the new Kenya nation with its structures of representation, defense, economic, social and political integration as well as centralized administration of the country and justice for all the people. In other words, the country is in the process of molding itself into one national Kenya. Nairobi is the heart of Kenya nation and its all 44 ethnic citizens. It is the centre and the control of the whole nation politically, economically, and also religiously. The nation can be built or destroyed in Nairobi networking to other Counties.
Prophet Dominic Mwangi the founder to PRF is a servant of God and a community volunteer peace activist preacher participating in in-doors international interfaith peace prayer meetings for over six years in various parts of Kenya. We are setting-up and constructing a beautiful PRF Community Peace Museum centre, a sacred sanctuary for our peace prayers and a dialog whenever there is a conflict or misunderstanding of the families and community as whole.
The guests house for researchers interns and volunteers home away from home. We are urgently requesting for external support fund donation to purchase the land, construction of the structure centre, for research, recruiting the local and international volunteers. We are intending to set-up a museum site at Githurai/Kamuthi where I have centralized for many years preaching peace to community. We are researching and gathering documentation for African spiritual religion heritage inaccessible and unrecorded people and sites in Kenya, museum gallery and communal library.
PRF community peace museum Centre will attract the students’ researchers (Interns) and tourism to learn about Kenya African traditional faith, And how they were performing their peace events and how they were using instruments (artifact) for peace. The conflicts, violence, hatred, and misunderstanding each other ethnic groups is contributed by political pollution, religious pollution and lack of knowledge which we are going to provide in PRF community peace museum.
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