Please sponsor our main events to the marginalized and poor community poverty & peace healing and mobilization awareness.

Prophet World Charity Day (PWCD) 2nd February:

On every 2nd day of February each year the foundation commemorates the (Prophet World Charity Day) (PWCD).

Through your effort supporting, sponsoring, donating, getting involved and participating the event will be included to the world history  and in the calendar.

The event was established and launched on 2nd February 2012 by the prophet the founder and the vision carrier for Prophet Reward Foundation with the vision for transforming the poor community in the world.

To commemorate this day the foundation is training the marginalized communities, orphans, widows and the poor on how to share the little they have to the others as one part of flashing out the poverty minded pollution to potential mind to all people.

This is the most important psychological world healing which contributes poverty and the violence. It will be one part of preaching love and peace and the way to heal the world to become the better place to live.

This will bring happiness, joy, love; peace and positive vision focused living people in the world.

You have just seen in the few above photos on how joy and love it was with the orphans sharing with other orphaned and other vulnerable children from different centres in commemorating PWCD at Bethsaida Community Centre in Nairobi, Kenya on 2nd February, 2014. Join for the event if you are among the world healer in whichever way to participate.

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World Peasants Day (WPD) 7th November:

Prophet the founder of Prophet Reward foundation is a peasant acting for the peasants. Peasant is a person living permanently in the rural areas performing the daily activities handcraft, bees keeping, agriculture, agro forestry, fishing, etc.

These are the most marginalized people in the community and they occupy over 75% global population. On every 7th November each year, they commemorate the world peasants day.

Due to marginalization, the day is not recognized even though the international community is aware of it and their universal peasant declaration is still pending on their hands since 10th December 2003.

For the promotion and benefit of the peasants, PRF will be sponsoring the WORLD PEASANTS DAY (WPD) for the peasants’ voice and rights to be heard by the whole world.

This will be by mobilizing and bringing peasants together from these seven countries Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Southern Sudan.

In commemoration of this day the international peasants will be raising their voices to the international community and developed countries for their help and support according to their visions and mission.

The developed countries and governments are funding for the peasants but the donation are ending to cartels never reaching them (peasants). The peasants never have a peasants’ representative even in the international community as other institutions like environment, wildlife, etc.

This means they are also internationally marginalized and their rights are abused. There isn’t any country in the world which does not have the peasants, get involved individually,corporations, other charitable organizations, companies, governments and other grants makers allover the world to make this happen.

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