1743576_899140990111085_5590805411642832106_nAfrica Hyper Volunteer Centre (PRF-AHVC)

PRF – Africa Hyper Volunteer Centre (PRF-AHVC) is a unique multibillion dollar project initiative program for Prophet Reward Foundation to be implemented in Nairobi metropolitan in Kenya on a 2000-3000 acres to be purchased.

The program will centralize all PRF initiative programs

  1. Africa hyper volunteer center,
  2. Humanitarian tourism safaris,
  3. Community points,
  4. Feeding program (Food Bank),
  5. Peace community museums,
  6. PRF Charity beyond the borders community trust volunteers,
  7. Boys and girls clubs of Kenya among others as a small city in one hub centre.

These programs are set to sustain our objectives for the benefit of the marginalized and poor community in urban slums and rural villages in Kenya and in future to other parts of Africa through your potential partnership financial support.

  • The charity empowers youths,
  • Orphans & vulnerable children,
  • Single mothers,
  • Women,
  • Widow,
  • Education,
  • Nurturing the talents,
  • Supports and care for HIV/AIDS victims,
  • Supports the guardians/grandparents /centre who cares for orphaned and vulnerable children,
  • Responds and sustains for any emergencies to our community.

The centre will become a small business hub or a city by itself with the air strip for the quick connection locally and internationally.

It will also have an international referral hospital for the benefit of our local society in Kenya and its environs.

The project centre and our headquarters will be established and constructed on 2000-3000 acres of land to be purchased within Nairobi metropolitan.

PRF –AHVC is an initiative for PRF program that promotes and develops volunteering internships opportunities local and internationally.

These opportunities are designed to benefit the local marginalized communities in Kenya and in near future we are expanding our program beyond the borders to other neighboring networking countries.

We are presently networking with over six east and central Africa countries

  1. Kenya,
  2. Uganda,
  3. Tanzania,
  4. Rwanda,
  5. Burundi,
  6. Democratic Republic of Congo
  7. Southern Sudan,
  8. Somali,
  9. Ethiopia and
  10. Eretrea.

  The centre is locally established in Nairobi metropolitan, Kenya in East Africa.

PRF- AHVC is a Volunteers Home Away from Home (Small City within by itself) with a Communication Center & Professors & Professional Hub Center and Business Center. It will serve the whole Africa as it grow Kenya being the center of economy in Africa.

Everyone with responsibility for recruiting, managing or supporting volunteers (whether paid or as a volunteer, whether in front-line service delivery or serving on a management board or committee) will be made very welcome.

Using volunteers within your organization not only means you can achieve more but involving volunteers brings a unique added value to any organization.

Good volunteer involvement pays huge dividends but it needs a good solid foundation to make it work well. You might be new to volunteer management and unsure where to start or you might be experienced but wanting to make sure your practice is the best it can be. Either way, this is your Center or Home.

Are you finding that you recruit volunteers who stay for a short while and then leave?

Good volunteer involvement doesn’t stop when you sign them up.

All volunteers need to be supported and motivated to make sure that they are happy and that they are performing well.

PRF Africa hyper volunteers center keeps in touch to the pioneer volunteers as their referees to the new volunteers who need the testimonies of the volunteerism.

We are attracting/inviting the potential development volunteers for short-term (7 days to 2 months) and long-term volunteers (3months-6months) to establish the long and short term goals in position to implement our objectives, purchase the land and construction of the center and all managements.

We also attract and recruit the potential Development volunteers for placement to the matching projects in Kenya and beyond the boarders.

Please contact us by email.prophetrewardfoundation@gmail.com, hdvkenya@gmail.com