1743512_738283059530213_872268820_nPRF Community points

Majority of youths in Kenya both in and out of schools are computer illiterate in urban and rural areas.

PRF community point has taken an initiative to start computer awareness and the youths will learn the

  • basic anatomy in computers,
  • keyboarding skills,
  • Microsoft application internet safety,
  • online research tools and
  • how to participate in online learning community.

PRF community point will establish eight community points in eight identified regions of Kenya nation

  • Nairobi,
  • Central,
  • Rift Valley,
  • Coast,
  • Eastern,
  • N. Eastern,
  • Western and
  • Nyanza where computer illiterate community members will be meeting for the above and awareness.

From these points they will network to the various counties of the areas.

Through this skill the entire community will be helped by PRF community points to network with other local and international communities to bring peace whenever there is a conflict or community misunderstanding.

On top of these the new generation will achieve skills to venture into e-learning, hence be able to learn through network. Non profit/NGOs community organization leaders will learn and be trained searching and soliciting for donation and networking with other organizations with similar objectives. In turn .

The trained community organizations trained leaders apply the acquired skills to manage and maintain data and information in their organizations.

The project will be coordinate from one centre point to eight points in the nation.

It will expand its programs to interior rural

  • public computer illiterate primary,
  • secondary schools,
  • colleges,
  • universities and whole computer illiterate in the community

This will be a quick peace alert network from the interior local communities to the international peace makers for volunteering to our nation. We are attracting the potential development volunteers for short-term (7 days to 2 months) and long-term volunteers (3months-6months) to establish the long and short term goals in position to implement our objectives, organize and management.

We also attract and recruit the potential Development volunteers for placement to the matching projects in Kenya and beyond the boarders for successful of the program.

Please make contact with us via e-mail.

info@prophetrewardfoundation.org, prophetrewardfoundation@gmail.com

Long term internship and volunteers’ opportunities: