Humanitarian Tourism Safaris

Prophet Reward Foundation has created and designed a new program type of travel (safaris) the “Humanitarian tourism Safaris”. Humanitarian tourism Safaris is a tourist program encompassing elements of an exotic holiday and a humanitarian mission.

The goal of these unique journeys is for the traveler to get to know the beauties of the

  • Black Continent
  • Its everyday life and
  • To have an active time of relaxation.

All participants will have an amazing time and have an authentic African experience of a lifetime,something that is almost incomparable to classic and conventional trips.

Travelers will have a chance to explore, under safe conditions, aspects of African life and tourist sights that are not accessible for the average visitor.

These journeys,

  • organized several times a year,
  • provide an unparalleled opportunity
  • to realize a teamwork-driven humanitarian mini-project,
  • the costs of which are included in the fee of the local trips and tourism packages.

The program is operating with the intention of creating positive experiences both for the traveler and those local communities we interact with. We support community-based organizations by facilitating tourist visits to projects, thus raising awareness of the positive work being undertaken by Africans for the development of Africa.

PRF humanitarian tourism safaris provides the opportunity to experience local culture and be a part of some positive changes occurring in the communities visited. It also means experiencing a quality tailor-made tour that visits the sight-seeing highlights of East Africa. Customer care is our top priority and we are here to assist you design the holiday of your dreams.

We are passionate about travel and tourism. Our intention is to share the joy of traveling, and we believe this is best done through interacting with local communities. We encourage people to step out of their comfort zones a little bit too truly experience the cultures they are traveling within.

Having traveled independently and working as with our tour leaders, we have had such amazing opportunities to engage with both locals and fellow travelers. We love learning about the diversity that exists in our world and believe that the answer to a lot of the problems we have lies in such learning and appreciation of our differences.

Through working close with experienced tour company in Kenya, we are offering one person free if you book six or more people on a tailored tour. Write to us today to design your dream itinerary for you and your friends.