1743512_738283059530213_872268820_nOur Vision – To have transformed marginalized and poor community by the year 2035.

Our mission – To keep on investing to fight against the extreme poverty and hunger, to promote human rights and promote peace and emergency response in the world. The charity is supporting and training the talented youths in the poor communities, empowering Orphans, Widows and Single mothers, supporting the care of Orphans, persons suffering from HIV/AIDS and disaster victims.

Our Motto is to Empower People to help others.

The charity operates in four unique structure systems to enable it networks from interior rural to international level.

The structure is as follow; General direction for global (World Congress), principal delegation for continental or regional, Country delegation for countries and Sub- delegations for provinces or states (in Kenya there are 47 sub-delegations according to 47 counties). The head of general direction is general director, the head of principal delegation is principal delegate, the head of country delegation is head of delegate or country director and the head of sub-delegation is sub-delegate.

PRF-Organal_GramThe duties of the charity work are 100% volunteerism and missionaries to spread the word of the foundation. The missionary is a volunteer from any given county who applies and signs the form to spread the word of the foundation who is approved in by the Executive Board of the foundation.
We are currently networking in over six East and Central Africa countries

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Southern Sudan. And we are recruiting the interested volunteers and missionaries to establish our offices for sustainable relationship for our charitable work to our beneficiaries marginalizes and poor communities.

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  1. One day people who didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you.
    support my dream to reach to my destiny because many people have the vision but they never reach their destiny for the lack of resources and support.

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