Prophet Reward Foundation is an initiative charitable body corporate about education, community development and empowerment activities, environment and food security programs. We work with women groups in our community population, the youth groups and self-help groups are involved in our programs from the marginalized and poor community. They participate in our events in promoting the community development, humanitarian events like food packaging, cooking for orphans, vulnerable and street children, mobilizing the resources, and other public participation.

Our charitable purpose is to implement our initiative programs and projects for the benefit of our poor communities where our vision is to have the improved living standards for the marginalized and poor community by 2035 in mobilizing the human and the resources.

Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) is the mother of all NGOs in Kenya and other Africa Countries where we network or affiliate.

  • Prophet Reward Foundation is eligible to hold and manage ANY MOVABLE OR IMMOVABLE PROPERTY on behalf of public/community in the Republic of Kenya and elsewhere in the world that may vested to us by the way of purchase acquisition, donation, gifts, or other assurance, which may thereafter be lawfully made.
  • We are the trust between the marginalized poor community and the donors.
  • We have invested and still investing for the benefit of our local poor communities.
  • We directly connect donors to the community meaningful projects according to the donors’ interest without passing through middle persons (Cartels/brokers). We have serious donors working with us as our volunteers looking for the meaningful and good projects to fund.

Through our PRF-BBCTV program, we physically identify in the fields our beneficiary organizations to register them for free as our meaningful projects from the marginalized and poor communities in urban slums and rural villages in Kenya and beyond our borders in East & Central African countries (great lakes) where we network.

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • Burundi
  • DRC (Congo)
  • Southern Sudan
  • Somali
  • Ethiopia
  • Eritrea

We then ask the interested donors to fund for our projects and arrange for travel to visit how their funds are making the impact to the community development as a follow up.

We are inviting the volunteers/donors and beneficiary organizations to apply through emails online according to their interests. We humbly serve our community with the passion of transforming the world to the better place to live with Peace, Love and Unity without hunger & conflict.

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