PRF Food Banks & (Feeding Program)

A charitable trust organization in Nairobi, Kenya, charitable work, non-profit, orphanage, children care, volunteer, feeding program, youth, urban, rural, international and community development.

“We will never cry again” by a young artist in Kenya’s slum and a beneficiary in our charity programs featuring the Orphans (Video link for our beneficiaries).

Hunger kills more people each year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Read Source: FAO, The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014


(FOOD SECURITY for Orphaned, Vulnerable and Hunger Stricken areas & Emergency Respond)

What does “Food Security” actually mean? 

Food security exists when people simply have reliable access to safe and nutritious food at all times.

Imagine orphanages, Children’s homes, Community centers, informal schools, private schools, and some public schools with orphans and vulnerable children in urban slums and rural villages in Kenya which are entirely dependent on sponsors/donors for their utmost basic need-food. In other words, if they don’t get the sponsors for their well-being and upkeep, then there is always a possibility that the orphaned children staying over their centers will  miss meals or they might be served unbalanced food/diets whose consequences to their health cannot be underestimated. Imagine innocent children of ages ranging from 10 days old to 17 years old not even getting the most basic amenities….. As a matter of fact, one of the basic needs of any human being is FOOD.. that also not being fulfilled/met…. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS…. Join our campaign and actively participate in planning for food security for orphans and vulnerable children… THINK ABOUT IT…..DONATE TOWARDS THE SUSTAINABILITY OF THIS PROGRAM..Touch a needy heart today, and in future it will attribute its success to your generous efforts.

Please get Involved to kick out hunger from Kenya and other horn of Africa countries.

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