Our motto is: “Empowering people to help others.”

Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) was founded in 2008 by Dominic Mwangi Gatumu. Mr Mwangi was born in Kathageri a small village in Embu County (in eastern Kenya). He is a respected community member and committed to improving the living standards within Africa.
On the 24th of June 2009, PRF was accepted under Congressional District Programs (CDP) 50 1(c)(3) and 509(a)(1). This conferred the authorization to receive a public charity certificate essential to establish a charity in Nairobi, Kenya. The programs of our charity empower the people of marginalized and poor communities within East Africa to achieve their full potential. We proactively identify meaningful initiative programs and register them for free. Registering projects enables them to become our beneficiaries.
On the 21st December 2010 PRF was registered as an independent grassroots initiative Charitable Trust in the Republic of Kenya. This registration was performed under The Trustees Perpetual Succession Cap 164. The goal of PRF is to support vulnerable people including orphans, youths, elderly and the women of Kenya through a number of sustainable development projects. PRF is an Umbrella Charity and the mother of all non-governmental organizations (NGOs) witin Kenya and the Horn of Africa.

On 11th December, 2022 Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) become a CAF America international validated organization eligible to receive USA tax exempt donations and grants.

One of our goals is to invest and mobilize resources to fight against extreme poverty and hunger and to improve the living standards of the marginalized and poor people within the Horn of Africa.
Dominic Mwangi Gatumu is an Executive Founder Trustee/Chairman to PRF. He volunteers on a full-time basis and facilitates community development programs in addition to providing humanitarian support for vulnerable members of the community.
He has a noble heart and welcomes new investors, travelers, donors and other potential partners, to enter into internal agreements. Dominic then recruits suitable volunteers to participate in volunteer work through his charitable trust organization. For many years, Dominic was an unknown local philanthropist giving the little he has and doing good deeds for the needy in his everyday work in Kenya.
His resources are continually tapped and ever present to give a solid foundation to the work of the charity and his enthusiasm is inspirational to those who serve in PRF. His goal is to improve living standards within the Horn of Africa by empowering people to help others through humanitarian work and serving God.
PRF needs innovative volunteers that can work with minimal supervision, and have a positive, self-start attitude. We do not need just only young volunteers, but also older people with experience and skills in business skills. The organization is rapidly growing. Networks have been established over six East/Central African countries in addition to the Horn of Africa.

These countries include:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Rwanda
  • Burundi
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Sudan
  • Southern Sudan
  • Ethiopia
  • Djibout
  • Eritrea
  • Somalia.
We recruit interested missionaries, donors and volunteers/interns to establish offices supporting sustainable relationships for our charity and new networking opportunities.

On 11th December 2022 Prophet Reward Foundation became a CAF America validated group and therefore is eligible to receive donations and grants from the USA to respond to humanitarian crises before and after they occur in Kenya and the Horn of Africa. Donate to the program.

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