SLIDER-PRF2Making a Difference in Our Community

Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) motto is to “Empower people to help others”.

We empower talented individuals & groups to achieve their full potential in community development. We identify, nurture, train, support and empower orphans, single mothers and widows in the marginalized and poor communities in Kenya and elsewhere in the world.

“Community Development is a process designed to create conditions of economic and social progress for the whole community with its active participation and fullest possible reliance upon the community’s initiative.”

PRF supports this definition of community empowerment in many ways. The charity supports talented youths in the poor communities, empowers orphans, widows, and single mothers, and supports the care of the orphans, persons suffering from HIV/AIDS and disaster victims.We are committed to making a positive, sustained difference in our community in Kenya and beyond the borders in African countries.

To accomplish our mission we have programmed various departments within our charity to solicit funds for the benefit of these initiatives and category of above-mentioned beneficiaries. We also recruit the potential community development volunteers, hosts and placement to their interest meaningful initiative projects to make the direct impact to our marginalized and poor communities. PRF collaborates with individuals, companies, organizations, and government institutions etc that are willing to empower and invest to community development.