Making a Difference in Our Community Development Programs and Humanity/Humanitarian services.

We focus in our initiative programs to our mission to sustain our beneficiary community initiative meaningful projects.

Through our experience serving in grassroots we physically identify initiative program and register them for free as our beneficiaries meaningful projects.

In youth programs; there are two category groups of youths locked out in world systems, these are young fathers and young mothers. This category ranges from 10-28 years who never fits anywhere in the governments and other social services planned systems which most of them gets crashed in life for instant as a girl getting pregnant at early age or dropping out of school or to the young boy dropping out of school or getting impregnated a girl and forced to marry at early age both groups left marginalized and start struggling to live for survival or in calling themselves the hustlers in fighting with the law implementer.

These groups ends getting themselves in the rule of law pasted as criminals, addicts, etc filling our cells behind the bars lead by hustling for survival through marginalized by families and community as large.

PRF mobilizes and bringing these groups together supporting and assisting setting up the initiatives to fight our such traumas and getting back to life to enable them to achieve their goals even getting back to school to who are interested to proceed.

We calls upon the the donors/investors/sponsors/volunteers to support to these initiative programs for the better future of our young fathers and mothers.

To accomplish our mission we have programmed various departments within our charity to solicit funds for the benefit of these initiatives and category of above-mentioned beneficiaries. We also recruit the potential community development volunteers, hosts and placement to their interest meaningful initiative projects to make the direct impact to our marginalized and poor communities.

PRF collaborates with individuals, companies, organizations, and government institutions etc that are willing to empower and invest to community development.