empower opharnsMany poor marginalized communities lack affordable housing, childcare, health care, and jobs that pay a living wage. Investment in disadvantaged communities’ remedies economic disparity by providing lower-income people access to capital, credit, and training. Community investing, however, is also a sound investment practice. These investments earn competitive returns, like community development investments, but also produce a social return that is attractive to investors and helps communities in need.

We are inviting a range of stakeholders to invest in PRF community projects including:

  • Donors
  • Governments
  • Companies
  • Organizations

Below are five featured priority programs supported by PRF. Each of the projects aims to change the living standards for the marginalized and poor communities of Kenya. Please invest with us for the better world. The programs/projects are self-sustainability and donor funding support as they expand.

Africa Gold Dust Community Investment- (AGDCI) –Program:

An estimated 15,000 children are working in gold mines in the Nyatike and Migori districts of western Kenya’s Nyanza province. Children are employed the extraction process of provision of ancillary services such as selling food. Evidence from the local Childrens Welfare Office suggests this number rises significantly on weekends and during school holidays.

Many people who rent a section of the mine on a daily basis – will pay child 100 shillings (US$1.20) for their labor. A gram of gold sells for around $55 on the world market.

“Those who have employed them are rich, but the children just want a little money to buy good clothes and food for their guardians. They don’t want to be rich,”.

Some end up missing school altogether. “When you look at the levels of school dropouts… the closer a school is to a gold mine, the higher the rates of [decline] in school attendance,” said the Nyanza provincial director of education.

Poverty factor

“We know the dangers of involving children in gold mining, both in terms of losing school days and damaging their health, but we rely on the goodwill of people to report cases, but this doesn’t happen often because parents encourage their children to seek employment at the mines,” said a senior children’s officer in Migori. “When people are poor, nothing that brings in income is dangerous.”

A government official in one of the mining areas said his efforts to persuade parents to keep their children in school had been in vain.

“One thing that has held us back is that while we promote education, there is little to end the cycle of poverty that creates this problem in the first place,” he said.

“A parent will find it hard to send a boy to school when that boy can bring back income that very evening when employed at the mine,” he added.

Children under 18 constitute 30-50 percent of the total workforce in small-scale gold mines across Africa, according to the UN International Labour Organization.

Africa Gold Dust Community Investment- (AGDCI) –Program

The AGDI will support to empower orphaned and vulnerable children in these marginalized areas to achieve their full potential. Key focus areas include children rights in education and other basic needs. The program will also empower the parents and guardians who are encouraging the children to work in the mines.  Crucially the program raises awareness of the health hazard associated with the use of mercury to amalgamate small particles of gold. This process is highly toxicity detrimental impact to childhood development outcomes. Prophet Reward Foundation is inviting the serious investors to support community development through this program.

PRF Charity Venturesome (PRF-CV) – (Approx: US$).

PRF Charity Venturesome is a (social investment) that will be providing affordable financial support to charities, social enterprises and community groups including:

  • NGOs
  • FBO
  • CBOs
  • Self-help groups
  • Women & Youth groups

Grants are often not attainable and access to traditional financial institutions is difficult.

What is social investment?

Social investment is the use of repayable finance to achieve a social as well as a financial return. Capital is lent to organizations with the explicit aim of furthering their social outcomes. These outcomes range from helping young unemployed people secure work to alleviating poverty in developing countries.

How can social investment support your charity?

Social investment can be useful for charitable organizations looking to grow or to manage their working capital. At PRF Venturesome we understand the financial problems that social organizations face, from grants and contracts being paid in arrears to needing support to scale up.

We are dedicated to offering social investment that meets your requirements:

  • We work closely with you to understand your charity’s particular situation
  • We base our proposal on both your financial performance, and your present and future social impact
  • We consider every single application on merit and work closely with you every step of the way through the life cycle of the investment
  • We aim to provide social investments that help you to achieve a more secure footing for the long-term sustainability of your organization
  • We too are a registered charity aiming to achieve high social impact, with repaid money recycled to multiple charities for the widest benefit

How can PRF Venturesome help?

PRF Venturesome provides affordable financial support to charities and social enterprises in the form of unsecured repayable loans when commercial lenders may be unwilling to help.

We offer:

  • Unsecured loans – for up to five years
  • Standby facility – similar to an overdraft, a pot of money that is put aside for your organization that can be accessed if and when it is required
  • Other less common social investment products, including Social Impact Bonds and revenue participation agreements.

Prophet Charity House Feeding Program (PCH-FP) – (Approx: US$).

This program will end hunger in the Horn of Africa through food packaging for emergency relief. It is a self-sustaining program where local and international volunteers will mobilize the resources in organized food packaging events. There are a number of stakeholders we are looking to engage to facilitate this including.

  • individuals
  • families
  • schools
  • churches
  • colleges
  • universities
  • other local and international institutions and companies with corporate programs.

PRF will be facilitating and organizing the events. Food packages will be distributed to our beneficiaries including orphans, street children, vulnerable children and elderly families. Other community organizations will be supported including:

  • children homes
  • orphanages
  • health centers
  • dispensaries
  • hospitals
  • informal and public schools

This program is an initiative campaign to rid Kenya and other horn of Africa countries of hunger.

Community Investment Education Kit  – (Approx: US$).

This program will give millions of orphaned and vulnerable children an opportunity to learn. Many students miss out on educational opportunities due to inadequate marks or a lack of school fees. Our aim is to educate any child registered with our program from public/community/informal schools in Kenya with pass mark of 250+1 out of 500 class eight (8) final exam marks. Most scholarship programs in Kenya support the minimum of 320 marks-an unattainable standard for most students. A lack of meaningful education leads to criminal activities and local illicit brew including commercial sex work. PRF will support needy children with a pass average to realize their potential through education.

Clean Water – Healthy Community (CWHC) – Approx: US$.

This is a commercial project intended to train women from door to door in urban and rural villages set-up for the provision of clean water. Every home stead will be provided by health water making machine in order to control  diseases like cancer, obesity, blood pressure, diabetes etc.

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