Sanitary Towels Distribution

The challenges of sanitary towels are a real high hectic to this huge risk to the health of orphans and dis-empowerment. This is not only to orphans and vulnerable children in orphanages and children centers, but to entire poor society we serve including the street families too.

To the girls aged 10-17 years, young women and poor mothers’ faces a lot of challenges which they hardly access to sanitary towels. For going school girls means no school, no work for women, no leaving home, no friends, no joy, and no hope…sadness all over. In Africa, menstruation is a private subject and taboo to discuss openly due to social and cultural attitudes; hence the problems associated with it are swept under the carpet.

To manage their menstrual flow, girls from poor background in Kenya turns to anything like rags, tissue papers, pieces of old clothes, mattresses or blankets, tree leaves, newspapers, cotton wool, corn husks, basically anything that can possibly do the job!. We are also sometimes forced to introduce these old clothes for the lack of immediate sanitary towels to give.

Therefore, providing sanitary materials for girls would be a life-changer for numerous reasons including hygiene, health, education and empowerment. When people are in diseases, drugs, alcohol and post elections violence in these areas, pads are the last thing an aid organization or a government would think of. On average, a girl misses 5 school days in a month; this means 20 learning days in a term. A year has 3 terms for 3months each in our education calendar, this means losing 60 learning days per year. A girl in secondary school who studies for 4 years would lose 240 days cumulatively throughout their high school education. This is about 8 months of school absenteeism within a period of 4 years. This fact also increases the possibility of dropping out of school.

The fact is that; for a typical poor Kenyan family living below poverty  margin less than a dollar per day in urban slums and rural villages where we operates, such a  little money to barely cater for food, fuel and other basic needs, sanitary products is not a priority. Note that, to this poor family there living with the minimum of 2 to 3 girls and the mother. Some are the families with over five girls and the mother, noting some are poor single mother too not with less 2 daughters, others are the orphaned girls catered for by their grandparents who are left caring for their deceased sons and daughters HIV/AIDS victims. Try to combine all these problems and challenges within the society we serve full time throughout the years and years.

To these disasters, you can get a single grandparent is taking care for over 10 grandchildren for his or her daughters or sons or both and yet she/he is aged unable to work for payment income (meaning an elderly man or a woman in this situation) This is not a story telling or imagination, it’s a truth and the fact. There is a real poverty which are not openly spoken out or openly written out for the developed world to understand and solving them. To our charitable with a passion pushing us to serve and doing good deeds to humanity all the time, we are facing and experiencing it in pain and in a lot of challenges.

These has lead us as community volunteer servants to poverty too, because for the little we get hand to mouth for our families, then are diverted to vulnerable needy in need of our help and care in the community population. Our pocket always reads; bankrupts, haha! Note that, these are life cycle nature which can never wait or be changed neither be diverted for hold, making an emergency trip to the shops to get pads or tampons and found no shops or the money you have was too little to afford them.

Understand our experience pain urgently out of your daily budget any moment on your way walking in community someone getting to you unexpectedly; you know what?, please help me with $0.5 am in my blood period. In a day, you can be approached by three or four or sometimes even ten. Remember this obstruct not budgeted for even in our foundation we had never got a solid budgetary financial support for fully implementing our charitable objectives. We mobilize resources among ourselves, families, friends, volunteers and well-wishers to cater for required needs to our program of providing sanitary towels.

The sanitary towels are distributed once every month to our meaningful initiative project which we serve.

We request and invite you to donate the little you have to help in supporting in this project.