As a registered charity, all funds we raise go directly to back into our local communities and without fundraising, this wouldn’t be possible.

It is simple the more funds we can raise the more talented youths, volunteers, missionaries and officials we train and recruits.

So join us in our fundraising effort..

Imagine orphanages, Children’s homes, Community centers, informal schools, private schools, and some public schools with orphans and vulnerable children in urban slums and rural villages in Kenya which are entirely dependent on sponsors/donors for their utmost basic need-food. In other words, if they don’t get the sponsors for their well-being and upkeep, then there is always a possibility that the orphaned children staying over their centers will miss meals or they might be served unbalanced food/diets whose consequences to their health cannot be underestimated. Imagine innocent children of ages ranging from 10 days old to 17 years old not even getting the most basic amenities….. As a matter of fact, one of the basic needs of any human being is FOOD.. That also not being fulfilled/met…. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS….

Join our campaign and actively participate in planning for food security for orphans and vulnerable children…

THINK ABOUT IT…..DONATE TOWARDS THE SUSTAINABILITY OF THIS PROGRAM.. Touch a needy heart today, and in future it will attribute its success to your generous efforts. (US$5, $10, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000 etc) Kshs1oo, 200/=, 500/= 1,000/=, 10,000/=, 50,000/= etc.

Please get Involved to kick off hunger out Kenya and other horn of Africa countries.

  • Donate for food packaging for orphaned and vulnerable children.
  • Donate to support the initiative Charity for a Kenyan to Kenyans.
  • Donate to become local donor to our-self for our change as Kenyans
  • Donate to touch the heart of the needy in Kenya in hunger, shelter, clothing and education.
  • Donate for your need to the poor and write to us for your donating interest.
  • Plan, Donate for your giving back to the community for common good.
  • Donate Kenya for Kenyans donating spirit to the needy community.
  • Donate to support Community Foundation Charitable Trust in Kenya.

We are your Trust, We are community Trust.

Trust us for the little we have done without you and we will do the best, for your best, to the best of our society (poor community in Kenya).

You can bank through Paypal to M-Pesa —- M-Pesa to M-Pesa Donation.

Registered Paybill number 910990 tax exempted 

M-Pesa – lipa na M-Pesa – Paybill – enter 910990 – enter account – write name of the sender – enter pin- send (Tax Exempted)

Registered NO.+254722687755

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