Wish list for In-Kind-Donation to our food bank to feed and support PRF charity work, the Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Elderly groups/individuals in Kenya in accomplishing our mission to the marginalized and poor community.
  • Mobile kitchen trucks/vans, distribution trucks, pick-ups, off-road vehicles (to traverse arid and semi-arid regions)
  • Blankets, mattresses, school uniforms, beds, double deck beds, bedding materials, textiles 
  • Cooking oil, cooking fat, wheat flour, maize flour, porridge flour, human grade consumption sugar 
  • School bags, school shoes sanitary towels, under garments for boys & girls, sanitary pads/towels
  • Dried cereals (rice, maize, beans, soya beans, cocoa beans, peas, green grams etc.), milk powder, dried fruit juice, snacks
  • Toys, toddlers story books, cloths, heavy cloths, bicycles, bikes,
  • Computers, furniture, utensils, electronics, solar panels and lights, photocopying machines, printing press machines, kitchen equipment
  • Sports equipment, music equipment, kitchen supplies
  • Office equipment, printing papers, paper folders, erasers, crayons, pens and pencils manila papers
  • Carpets, gas cylinders, building materials, BedNets, agricultural tools, etc.
Donate eligible usable standard donation which you can also use but not unusable junk donation for dumping abuse, or weapons, or any illegal donation or any explosives are unacceptable donation to our programs.


Donate to feed the hungry one in giving back to the community.
Paypal to M-Pesa —- M-Pesa to M-Pesa Donation.
M-Pesa – lipa na M-Pesa – Paybill – enter 910990 – enter account – write name of the sender – enter pin- send (Tax Exempted)
Email us; [email protected]