We believe that all children should be given equal opportunities in life especially when it comes to the provision of basic needs such as Housing, Health care and Education.

Girls and boys are treated equally, and without regard to race, caste, colour, religion or culture. Living is simple. We try not to Westernize the children, but rather attempt to support them according to the highest ideals of their own cultures. We respect the heritage of each child, whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikh, Buddhist, Secular or other.

We serve to identify and support the most vulnerable children within the marginalized poor communities, especially those affected by HIV/AIDS as well as disaster victims. The orphaned children targeted shall fall under the following categories:

  • Children living on their own in child headed households 
  • Children living in households headed by parents who are HIV and AIDS positive
  • Children living in households headed by relatives and other guardians
  • Children living in Grand Parents headed households, who continue to face challenges in acquiring consistent income, let alone support their grand children with the basic needs.
  • Children living in children’s homes.
  • Children living in orphanages.
  • Children living in other community development centres.

There are two types of orphans – fully orphaned and semi-orphaned.

A semi orphan is a child who has lost one parent and fully orphaned doesn’t have any parent alive.

All these children from the needy poor communities require a lot of support to cater for their daily needs in 

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Shelter
  • Education

We empower them by soliciting funds from donors, partners, relevant  institutions, companies, organizations, governments, individuals, fundraisers, grants, investors in community development, well-wishers, sponsors, mobilizing the resources from volunteers, friends, our missionaries’ contribution, friends etc.

We wish to reduce the number of OVCs on the streets and increase the care available to them through our program
We work closely with other relevant Government ministries, stakeholders and partners, who are present in the districts to stop the spread of the scourge through continued awareness creation, provision of
all the preventative methods that save life and use of the media to advocate for more resources to fight diseases including intensified research in finding cures and in preaching peace. Currently we are supporting and empowering over 10,000 orphans and needy directly, indirectly in our nation and beyond the borders in the marginalized poor communities where we network.

We organize children events which bring joy, smilling faces and that bring orphaned and vulnerable children together in one choosen venue.

Prophet World Charity Day To commemorate this day, the foundation is training the marginalized communities, orphans, widows and the poor on how to share the little they have with the others as one part of flashing out the poverty minded pollution to potential mind, to all people. This is the most important psychological world healing which contributes to poverty and violence. It will be one part of preaching love and peace and the way to heal the world to become a better place to live. This brings happiness, joy, love, peace and positive vision focused living people in the world. 

Children’s Christmas PartyThis is the yearly highlight for our orphans and vulnerable children. It is a day dedicated to them to ensure they have a lot of fun and excitement running around and playing on the jumping castles. Each child will get a present from Father Christmas, lots of sweets, cakes and nice goodies as well as a nice nutritious meals. This is commemorated in every second weekend of December to prepare them with donations for the Christmas day. We call upon all parties globally, individuals, companies, organizations, donor communities and the like, with programs of giving back to community, to support us for the success of this day.