PRF is a charitable trust organization in Nairobi, Kenya. We undertake charitable work and assist many institutions on a non-profit basis. Some of the stakeholders we are involved with include orphanages, children’s homes, and other community groups. PRF facilitates volunteer opportunities, food aid and different charity work in rural and urban contexts.

Malnutrition is a majority cause of morbidity and mortality. Every year more deaths are attributed to starvation than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Read Source: FAO,The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014

PRF – FOOD BANK: (FOOD SECURITY for Orphaned, Vulnerable and Hunger Stricken areas & Emergency Respond)

What does “Food Security” actually mean? 

Food security exists when people simply have reliable access to safe and nutritious food at all times.

Who we Help.

Many institutions in Kenya are entirely dependent on aid for their basic food needs. Without food AID in many cases, it is not possible for the vulnerable members of the community to achieve their basic nutritional needs. This includes very young and vulnerable children and those without parents. Some of the community groups PRF works with to achieve food security include:

  • Orphanages,
  • Children’s homes,
  • Community centers,
  • Informal schools,
  • Private schools,
  • Some public schools

YOU CAN CHANGE THIS…. Join our campaign and actively participate in planning for food security for orphans and vulnerable children… THINK ABOUT IT…..DONATE TOWARDS THE SUSTAINABILITY OF THIS PROGRAM..Touch a needy heart today, and in future it will attribute its success to your generous efforts. 

Prophet Charity House Feeding Program

Prophet Reward Foundation as an initiative charity has on ground experience with the real life of marginalized and poor communities in Africa. In response to this PRF has initiated the feeding program ‘Prophet Charity House Feeding Program’ (PCH-FP).

This program is supporting the “Active Feeding Programs” in the Initiative Community Development Centre’s. Here there is the daily challenge in feeding their children in orphanages, children’s homes, informal schools, social community centers and such in urban slums and rural villages in Kenya. We are soliciting – on behalf of the needy and poor, – donor funds, grants, donations and fundraising to support the PCH-FP. The PRF identifies communities in need to facility that require assistance with this program. 

There is a rigorous process to determine suitable organizations to partner with for this project. The organization of interest is interviewed to ensure they are functionally operating and ready to implement the program. If successful they receive approval to become our beneficiaries. Successful applicants register free of charge and without additional starting costs to become beneficiaries of our organization. 

Prophet Reward Foundation also conducts fundraising for raw and packed food materials and cereals. These food items are sourced from our volunteer workers, missionaries, local individual friends. This enables food supplies to be channeled to our directly to beneficiary projects. Over 3000 orphaned and vulnerable children are directly and indirectly assisted in this manner.

PRF Foodbank Warehouse

The program is still the initial stages of development and requires assistance to become operational. PRF is seeking professionals and partners to support us towards achieving sustainability. The strategies to achieve this will be achieved by applying for food materials from production and processing sources of food. These including profit growers, manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers in the normal course of business. Another strategy involves targeting stakeholders with excess stock or stock nearing its expiry date.

PCH-FP team will be storing the packaged and canned food in our ‘PRF-food bank’ warehouses for direct distribution to our beneficiary projects. We will keep on re-identifying the meaningful project beneficiaries and responding to emergency food crises the Horn of Africa. This can only be achieved through your potential partnership and financial support.

Need Food

We are tirelessly working in communities, looking for donations of food, money and volunteers. Get involved in special events, providing donations, participating in scheduled events, volunteer-ship, advocacy activities and hunger coalitions. Become a change agent, apply to volunteer, sponsor volunteer events, link us with volunteer groups, and partner with us to sustain this program.

How volunteers can help

We are inviting all interested individuals, families, groups, companies, organizations, institutions, governments and the like, who have similar interests and are willing to support and work with us to contact us through [email protected].

The program will establish ‘food pantries’ in all of our 47 counties in Kenya and will also be responding to hunger emergencies in Kenya and beyond the borders in horn of Africa countries.

Program Aims

Our aim is to kick hunger out of Kenya thus accomplishing one of our main objectives: eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. The first phase of our program is to establish a sustainable PRF-Food Bank in Nairobi Kenya to centralize the feeding program activities. Establishing this food bank will assist in feeding over 3000 people in the community development centers and other organizations including:

  • informal schools
  • orphanages
  • children’s home
  • urban slums
  • rural villages Read more.

Vulnerable members of the community such as vulnerable children, their guardians, poor marginalized families, and the elderly would be accommodated. Many people in a caring role are unable to work for their daily bread in the marginalized and poor communities. For the aged, we also lender support in mobilizing for heavy clothes, blankets and other financial support for their basic needs.


We partner and collaborate with local and international food relief organizations to turn our dream into reality.

Currently we have partnered with an international food relief organization Stop Hunger Now (SHN) from North Carolina, USA as our technical advisers and affiliates in sustaining PRF-food banks and in food packaging in Kenya. After several unsuccessful events, PRF will now host SHN to establish their offices in Kenya to implement their programs in horn of Africa countries to work together to end hunger in the region.

Prophet Reward Foundation will be organizing meal packaging events and recruiting the volunteers for fundraising and packing the meals.

Through your support we are planning to organize for the biggest event ever in Kenya-packaging one million meals (1m meals) to feed the above-mentioned categories. This is a great campaign and event in our region if sponsored to end hunger together.

This event will bring together 3500-4000 local and international volunteers in a single day to our campaign to kick hunger out of Kenya and other horn of Africa countries.

Further Reading on Hunger in Africa

Read More About Hunger Facts to this link

Hunger kills more people each year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. Read Source: FAO, The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014

The vast majority of hungry people (791 million) live in developing countries, where 13.5 percent of the population is chronically undernourished. Source: FAO, The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014

In Sub-Saharan Africa, more than one in four people remain chronically undernourished, while Asia, the world’s most populous region, is also home to the majority of the hungry – 526 million people. Source: FAO, The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014

I believe we can end hunger together; just email to get involved if you too believe we can do so together – [email protected]

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How you can Help

Please get Involved to kick out hunger from Kenya and other horn of Africa countries. Email us:

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