93 per cent of Kenyans are philanthropic, giving through cash, volunteering, or in-kind. The key challenges that Kenyans feel they face are related to health, education, poverty, and economic empowerment with health on top at 26 per cent.
Open up your giving barriers in trust to our direct charitable community/humanity services a service to God and volunteering your time to serve experiencing where your donation goes.
The power is within you and me my fellow Kenyan to our Kenya beloved Nation.
Through our experience working in poor community population in Kenya where we are calling you as a Kenyan to join us in your giving heart contribution in doing good deeds all the time.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 10638088-map-flag-Kenya-Stock-Vector-1-845x1024.jpgJoin a Kenyan as a Kenyan in becoming the donors to ourselves in making Kenya becoming what you need it to be in helping in implementation of talents and innovation for a Kenyan.
What innovative do you have which you think can challenge the world in making  Kenya the better place to leave without poverty, hunger, conflict, corruption, ethnics tribal political boundaries, etc.?

Yes I can!!!!!!!!!

Yes We Can Make It Together!!!!

Just drop it on our desk through our email prophetrewardfoundation@gmail.com
 For donation and support to this page as a Kenyan our PayBill number is 910990