This program deals with donation of food, food packaging, bedding, clothes to support children homes and education support in sponsoring these vulnerable children in their education.

Food bank is a PRF initiative  ware houses to store food contribution from farmers, from the supermarkets self stores, from food processing companies, from our local and international volunteers food packaging activities, from relief organization food donations, from governments institutions donation, companies donations, individual donations & gifts, etc. and all the In-Kind-Gifts donation to the charity locally and internationally to distribute to the needy in the marginalized and poor community.

PRF as an initiative charity understanding the real life of marginalized and poor communities in Africa has initiated the feeding program ‘Prophet Charity House Feeding Program’ (PCH-FP).

This program is supporting the “Active Feeding Programs” in the Initiative Community Development Centres which encounter daily challenges in feeding their children in orphanages, children homes, informal schools, social community centres and such in urban slums and rural villages in Kenya.

We are soliciting food – on behalf of the needy and poor, most of whom are from marginalized areas – donor funds, grants, donations as well as  fundraising in food packaging to expand PCH-FP food banks in order to get enough food to enable us accomplish our mission in food packaging events for sustainability.

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Wish list for Orphans Vulnerable Children and Elderly families group;

  • Wish list for In-Kind-Donation to our food bank to feed and support PRF charitable work, the OVCs and elderly groups in Kenya in accomplishing our mission to the marginalized and poor community. Blankets, Mattresses, school uniforms, beds, double deck beds, bedding, cooking oil, cooking fat, wheat flour, maize flour, porridge flour, human consumption sugar, school bags, sanitary towels, under garments for boys & girls, sanitary pads/towels, dried cereals (rice, maize, beans, soya beans, cocoa beans, peas, green grams etc), milk powder, dried fruit juice, snacks, toys, toddlers story books, cloths, heavy cloths, bicycles, bikes, computers, furniture, utensils, electronics, solar panels and lights, photo copy machines, printing press machines, sports facilities, music equipment, textiles, pens, pencils, kitchen equipment, office equipment, printing papers, paper folders, Erasers, crayons, manila papers, school shoes,carpets, gas cylinders, building materials, BedNets, agricultural tools, etc

Food security

What is food security?

Food security exists when people simply have reliable access to safe and nutritious food at all times.

Donate to feed the hungry one in giving back to the community.

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