Beneficiary’s meaningful projects

Lack of ownership for properties to talented people with initiates’ in poor community makes them to lose their rights to whatever they do no matter how good it is. The initiatives/apps are hijacked by professionals/wealthy greedy leaders/big companies etc., in the name of implementation support.

Through our MOTTO in “Empowering People to Help Others”; we physically identify the talented initiators to ownership which guarantees to their responsibilities as talented individuals. We empower them to achieve their full potential and register their initiatives for free as our meaningful projects as they manage them to their fully mission through our sponsorship as donors.

The gate to ownership in ones willingness to submit submission in giving access one manifests what governs then by virtue of their submission.

Below are some of our features few physical identified beneficiary community development centers, orphanages, and children homes, informal schools in Nairobi urban slums and rural villages in Kenya.

  •  Mwamko Children home & School in Soweto, Kahawa West, Nairobi County,
  • Soweto Youth Initiative (SYI) Kahawa Soweto, Nairobi County.
  • Bethsaida Social Community Center in Githurai44, Nairobi County,
  • Havilla Children Foundation in Kahawa West, Nairobi County,
  • God with us Girls Centre in Maziwa, in Nairobi County,
  • God with us Girls Centre Kavaini, Kitui County
  • The Ark Children home in Thika, Kiambu County,
  • Toto Bora Academy (community Primary) in Nyanza, Kenya,
  • Ongoro Christian academy (community primary) in Nyanza, Kenya,
  • St. Michael academy (community Primary& sec in Kibera slums) Nairobi County,
  • Nyajowi academy (community primary) in Nyanza, Kenya,
  • Sowetoh Shinning academy (Kayole slums) Nairobi County,
  • Malaika Children home, in Nairobi County.
  • Young life children’s home in Ruiru, Kiambu County.
  • Zion academy (community primary) in Western, Kenya.
  • Victorias Joy Children’s home, Nairobi County
  • Spirit of Mercy Children home, Nairobi County
  • Grace Community Children Home, Nairobi County.
  • Baraka Children’s home, Nairobi County

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A gap year is a big step—one that means letting go and stepping outside of your comfort zone. It’s a year in which you’ll have the chance to step out into the world, gain valuable life experience and skills, and begin the transition into independence. Kenya is the most beautiful country to be in Africa.

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