The Executive Founder Trustee Enlightenment Statement;

Unknown and unrecognized very simple person transforming the poor community somewhere on earth through his Philanthropist passion service pushing him to do public good deeds.

In 1964, Dominic Mwangi was born by a small skill farmers Salavino Gatumu M’ Aikenda (Mundu Waikenda) and Hanna Muthoni Mwangi in a small village called Kathageri in Kyeni North location, Runyenje’s constituency in Embu County the Eastern Region of Kenya in East Africa.

Dominic Mwangi Gatumu is the Executive Founder Trustee/Chairman to PRF and full time volunteer servant involved in community development and humanity services to the marginalized and poor community population. He has a noble heart and keeps on welcoming the investors, travelers, donors etc, to get into internal agreements and recruits the volunteers for the benefit of the vulnerable community he serves through this charitable trust organization. For many years, Dominic is one of unknown local philanthropist who keeps on giving the little he has and doing good deeds to needy every-time in Kenya. His resources are continually tapped and ever present to give solid foundation to the work of the Charity and enthusiasms are inspirational to those who serve Prophet Reward Foundation Charitable Trust Organization. The passion to have the improved living standards of the talented persons in our society by the year 2025 in empowering people to help others in humanity serving a service to God.

To sustain this non-profit charitable organization, Dominic established a private profit-making company (Humanity Smiles International Co. LTD) in the year 2018. The 3-10% of company’s profit according to its revenue returns is channeled in giving back to community through its corporate program to Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF). This is after Dominic faced a lot of challenges in financial disable, fundraising and searching for funds and donors to this charitable trust foundation. The company automatically gets first priorities from the partners in implementing all profit investments and businesses projects including the tenders, constructions, manufacturing, exports, imports, exhibitions, tour & travels and other businesses on behalf of PRF sustainability programs to hire others and which makes the humanity smiles.  And as an African Religious Christian Priest, a servant of God, (Man of God), in accomplishing his spiritual mission in awakening inner spiritual conscious to spiritual talented person, affirmation, meditation and spreading the true gospel to nations, Dominic serves in his Prophet Soldiers Church Sanctuary (PSCS) independent spiritual program in PRF budgetary.v

As a philanthropist and an idealist person, he is in the front line in transforming the world direct and in direct impact. This is in mobilizing local and international volunteers with a passion to give back to community in expanding his philanthropists in doing good deeds throughout the year.

Prophet Reward Foundation founder and Director Mr. Dominic Mwangi Gatumu says, PRF needs volunteers who can bring new ideas, work with minimal supervision, and have a positive, self-starting attitude. We do not need just only young volunteers, but also older people with business skills and experience as well.

  • Note That: Both Humanity Smiles International Co. LTD and Prophet Soldiers Church Sanctuary (PSCS) are Prophet Reward Foundation Programs. These three gives priorities for sharing to any arising opportunity for the benefit of each for sustainability and smooth programs flow.

Below are Prophet Reward Foundation office operational structure as per January, 2021 update;


  • Our trustees are composed by three missionary members.

Executive Board

  • The executive board is made up of six missionary members.

Board of Directors

  • The board of directors is composed of nine members.



  • PRF steering committee is composed by twenty five day to day missionaries staff.

The charity operates in four unique structure systems to enable it networks from interior rural to international level.

The duties of the charity work are 100% volunteerism and missionaries to spread the word of the foundation. The missionary is a volunteer from any given County/Country who applies and signs the form to spread the word of the foundation who is approved in by the Executive Board of the foundation. And the above Trustees, Boards and Steering Committees are all the missionaries of the foundation.


  • Advisory board is composed by five Priest members and five family members for advising the founder trustee the prophet in spiritual matters to maintain and keep the spiritual anointing in carrying the vision and mission of PRF. These advisory board is not a day to day board and never interfere with the charity program management at all. They meet when a need arises.

Unknown and unrecognized simple person transforming the poor community somewhere on earth through his Philanthropist passion service pushing him to do public good deeds.

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