Beyond the Borders Community Trust Volunteers (BBCTV) is a Prophet Reward Foundation program to train, recruit, host and organize placements for international volunteers to our meaningful projects.

Our volunteer opportunities are publicly open for application. 

PRF needs volunteers who can bring new ideas to our organization, can leave their comfort zone of life and adjust to our local traditional life and work with minimal supervision. Volunteers need to have a positive, self-starting attitude. We do not need just only young volunteers, but also older people, families, groups, companies, institutions, with business skills and experience as well.

Apply to your volunteer opportunity interest to do or idea to implement with us abroad in Africa.

Apply for food bank volunteer/intern opportunity.

Read more and apply for volunteer environment activities

• Orphanage Work
• Caring for AIDS Orphans
• Working with Street Children
• Caring for the Elderly
• Caring for the Disabled

• Developing Business Plans
• Developing Library Facilities
• Women’s Empowerment
• Sharing Your Skills

• Medical Placement
• Assisting Health Professionals
• Helping in a Rural Health Post
• Medical electives
• Dental electives

• Teaching Children
• Tutoring Help
• Teaching English or Computer Skills
• Teaching Arts, Music/Dance
• Sports Education
• Special Education

• Micro-Finance Projects
• Business Coaching
• Environmental Work
• Wildlife or Animal Work
• Journalism or Photography Work
• Construction Work
• Agriculture Work
• Tourism Work

We are inviting as many volunteers as possible/interns with kind giving/sharing heart to assist with soliciting food on behalf of the needy and poor, most of whom are from marginalized areas.
Volunteers who can research for donor funds, grants, donations as well as fundraising in food packaging. This will enable the expansion of food banks in order to get enough food, and to enable us to accomplish our mission in supporting food packaging events.
The volunteers/interns who can also mobilize for food resources and donations, organizing for food forum events to make the face of the needy smile.
Hunger is real, hunger is a human made disaster, and together we can end the hunger disaster through our feed a child food bank program/food security and giving hand.
It’s just a matter to give out for free the little you have to save the soul of one needy person dying in the marginalized poor communities of Africa, Kenya.

You can apply as an individual, a family, as groups, as institution camps, as companies, as schools, as universities, as churches, as travelers, as tourists, as a team of people going for holiday abroad in Africa, Kenya all with passion in doing good deeds to the poor community.

We need volunteers who can bring new ideas, work with minimal supervision, and have a positive, self-starting attitude.

Volunteers who can sort out book work and apply for grants are needed. As we try to help all members of society, we need all ages of volunteers to help them function.

Give us your interest in what you are interested to travel abroad in Kenya to do, we can tailor-made together your volunteer opportunity to get more experience.

Email us: [email protected]