First Missionary (the founder’s) vote of thanks:

I take this opportunity to thank our omnipotent heavenly father who has lead and guided us all. I extend my sincere gratitude to my fellow directors who stood all the challenges since the inception of this foundation, your generous contributions; in terms of finance, moral, technical and social contributions has made Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) to stand where it is today.
Precisely, it is a great favor from omnipotent God to rise and forming a charitable community trust foundation for the future legacy on behalf of the poor community we serve. –  (Humanity service is a service to GOD). It is now exactly 10 years since Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) established and registered on 21st December, 2010 in republic of Kenya as a charity serving marginalized and poor community.
I am very much beholden to mention this credible staff,  pioneer missionaries, volunteers, our sponsors, our partners, our donors, families, friends and all well-wishers who has contributed in any kind of participation in making our dream comes into reality.
I thank God and thanks you all aiming to work wonders in this year 2021 and beyond with all charitable passion volunteer love to community.