Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-denomination and non-profit charitable organization established in the Republic of Kenya laws under The Trustees (perpetual succession) Act chapter 164 to advance charitable purpose in Kenya and elsewhere in the world. PRF was fully legally registered on 21st December, 2010 and awarded the certificate of incorporation along with a common seal by the Minister for Lands and it was formed in early 2009.

Prophet Priest Dominic Mwangi is the founding Trustee of Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) and he is a community volunteer and servant of God for over 25 years. PRF is a unique community foundation formed by peasant (small scale farmer living in rural permanently) acting for the peasants (small scale farmers living in rural permanently).

It is charitable body corporate about education, community development and empowerment activities, environment and food security programs. We work with women groups in our community population, the youth groups and self-help groups are involved in our programs from the marginalized and poor community. They participate in our events in promoting the community development, humanitarian events like food packaging, cooking for orphans, vulnerable and street children, mobilizing the resources, and other public participation.

Our charitable purpose is to implement our initiative programs and projects for the benefit of our poor communities where our vision is to have the improved living standards for the marginalized and poor community by 2035 in mobilizing the human and the resources.

The charity main mission is to keep on investing to fight extreme poverty and hunger, promote human rights, promote peace and even responding for emergencies like fire, flood, conflicts, diseases etc.

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