PROPHET REWARD FOUNDATION (PRF) is a unique grassroots initiative charity, team of potential development volunteers transforming the marginalized and poor community in supporting sustainable projects through “Empowering People to Help Others”.
PRF is a CAF America international validated organization eligible to receive USA tax exempt donations and grants fully registered nonprofit Charitable Trust in the Republic of Kenya under The Trustees Perpetual Succession Cap 164; to Empower, to Promote, to Support, to Sponsor and to Educate the orphans, the vulnerable children, youths, elderly and women through a number of sustainable development projects.

We support Kenyans experiencing the pains and the challenges facing the world in climate change, hunger disaster crises, drought impacts, rainy floods,  poverty, conflicts, all abuses drugs, alcohol, all kinds of trafficking, political divides, vulnerable children, vulnerable families, informal living etc.

We are an Umbrella Charity and the Mother of all NGOs in Kenya and the Horn of Africa Potential Development Volunteers.





Our programs structure covers all our 47 counties in Kenya and beyond horn of Africa countries.

Charity NO. 2469 (2010) in the ministry of lands Kenya


Read about our vision-and-mission

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