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Enlightenment Statement For Executive Founder Trustee:

Dominic Mwangi Gatumu

An unknown and unrecognized individual, stands as a humble yet powerful force in transforming impoverished communities around the globe. Driven by a philanthropic passion that propels him into full-time public service, Dominic’s simplicity belies the profound impact he makes on the lives of those in need. As the Executive Founder Trustee, he embodies the essence of selfless dedication, working tirelessly to bring about positive change within vulnerable populations. Dominic’s commitment to doing good deeds for the community reflects a genuine and unwavering desire to uplift the less fortunate. In his unassuming approach, he quietly actively illuminates the path toward a better and more compassionate world.


Dominic Mwangi Gatumu, the Executive Founder Trustee/Chairman of Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF), embodies a vision of global unity, aiming to create a better Earth free from hunger and poverty. As a devoted full-time volunteer in community development, Dominic opens his noble heart to investors, travelers, donors, and volunteers alike. His unwavering commitment to serving marginalized and poor communities is the driving force behind PRF’s impactful initiatives.

For many years, Dominic has been the silent hero in Kenya, selflessly giving what little he has to the needy. His resources form the bedrock of PRF’s charitable work, providing a solid foundation for initiatives that empower the less fortunate. Beyond his generosity, Dominic’s enthusiasm serves as a beacon, inspiring those who align with the PRF Organization.

In addition to his philanthropic endeavors, Dominic is a Digital Fine Artist, contributing to the fusion of art and charitable causes. His “Ferrari Safari” Art, selected by Lady Rocket for her foundation’s elite collection, will journey to the Moon through Copernic Space, marking a unique intersection of art and space exploration. Dominic’s creative prowess was showcased at the Las Vegas Eden Gallery during the Formula 1 Racing Conference in 2023.

Dominic’s community service extends over four decades, spanning feeding programs, construction of orphanages and homes for widows, innovative educational initiatives, involving the disabled to sports participation as referees, speakers in sports, events, tournaments, donating wheelchairs & other special requirement to them and sponsorship of education for vulnerable children in slums, other marginalized and poor community. By collecting Dominic’s Philanthropic art, patrons embark on a unique journey, investing in the future of Nairobi’s children and supporting PRF’s charitable mission for impoverished communities in Africa. Click the link for more information and kind donation support https://linktr.ee/theprophet254

Notably, Dominic’s role as the Africa Hosting Implementation Coordinator leverages 40 years of experience, ensuring the seamless execution of PRF’s projects. His strategic guidance, project execution prowess, and outcome evaluation strategies contribute significantly to the success of PRF’s initiatives, leaving a lasting positive impact on the lives of the less privileged. Dominic’s dedication paints a path toward a brighter, more sustainable future, embodying the spirit of global compassion and shared responsibility. Join us in this transformative journey with Dominic at the helm, shaping a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

And as an African Religious Christian Priest, a servant of God, (Man of God), in accomplishing his spiritual mission in awakening inner spiritual conscious to spiritual talented person, affirmation, meditation and spreading the true gospel to nations, Dominic serves in his Prophet Soldiers Church Sanctuary (PSCS) independent spiritual program in PRF budgetary support to the needy faithful followers and neighboring community in needs.

As a philanthropist and an idealist person, Dominic is in the front line in transforming the world direct and in direct impact. This is in mobilizing local and international volunteers with a passion to give back to community in expanding his philanthropists for doing good deeds throughout the year.


  • 40+ years of hands-on experience in serving marginalized and poor communities.
  • In-depth knowledge of community dynamics, challenges, and effective solutions.
  • Proven track record of successfully implementing impactful projects.
  • Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent collaboration and communication abilities.

Additional Information:

  • Born in Kathageri, Kyeni North, Embu County, Eastern Kenya, Dominic Mwangi emerged from a small-scale farming family Salavino Gatumu M’Aikenda and Ann Muthoni Mwangi.
  • Dominic is a small skill farmer acting for small skill farmers
  • Married Cecilia with 2 sons and 2 daughters Amos, Moses, Ann and Sarah all volunteering with PRF Charity. 
  • Holding roles of an Anointed High Priest, Prophet, Spiritual Counselor, and Holistic Mind, Soul & Body Healer, he is deeply rooted in the African Religious Faith Tradition Christian.
  • Dominic serves as the Vision Carrier, Idealist, Executive Founder Trustee, and Chairman of Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF).
  • Committing to full-time volunteer service, he actively engages in community development and humanitarian/humanity services for the marginalized and poor.
  • As an unknown local philanthropist, Dominic welcomes investors, travelers, and donors, fostering internal agreements and recruiting volunteers for PRF.
  • His philosophy revolves around improving living standards, empowering individuals to serve humanity and God by 2035.
  • Facing financial challenges, he established Humanity Smiles International Co. LTD in 2018, ensuring PRF’s sustainability and inviting investors to partner.
  • Dominic’s direct involvement in PRF has transformed marginalized and poor communities through sustainable development initiatives.
  • Calling for partners, he invites donors, supporters, investors, and volunteers with business skills to join PRF for sustained growth and impact.
  • Serving over 40 years of experience in marginalized and poor community populations, Dominic Mwangi Gatumu and Prophet Reward Foundation aim to make a lasting impact on the lives of the less privileged,
  •  contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future with their wealth of knowledge and commitment.

Dominic Mwangi Gatumu extends an inspiring message to the world, a call to action resonating with a profound purpose: to empower people to serve God and others in service to humanity by the year 2035. Central to this vision is the commitment to elevate the living standards of the talented individuals within our society.

He invites you to join hands, to fund, support, and generously contribute to the cause. Dominic encourages individuals to give grants, share their inheritance, and stand united with PRF. His plea knows no discrimination or restrictions, as he seeks the means to implement the full spectrum of charitable objectives, aiming to transform the world into a better place.

In Dominic’s vision, the world is characterized by peace, love, unity, happiness, and harmony — a realm free from the shackles of poverty and hunger. The mission is clear, and the call is urgent. Together, let’s rally behind Dominic and PRF, investing in a future where collective efforts create a world that embraces the true essence of humanity.

Join the movement and be a catalyst for positive change, contributing to a global tapestry woven with compassion and shared prosperity.

“Poverty and hunger is a man-made disaster, need not endure.

Together, we can bring about an end. ‘YES WE CAN!’ Uniting without selfishness or discriminations, we forge a collective path toward change.


This mantra echoes our shared commitment to eradicate these afflictions and build a world where every individual can thrive with dignity and abundance. Let our actions resonate with the unwavering belief that, indeed, together we can create a future free from the chains of poverty and hunger.”

PRF Community

Our story starts with our Founder's efforts and vision to create a better world.

Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) was founded in 2008 by Dominic Mwangi Gatumu, Executive Founder Trustee/Chairman of PRF and the backbone of our organization committed to improving Africa’s living standards.


PROPHET REWARD FOUNDATION (PRF) is an initiative formed in 2008 and a registered Charitable Trust in the Republic of Kenya under The Trustees Perpetual Succession Cap 164, Charity NO. 2469 (2010) in the ministry of lands Kenya.

PRF is an Umbrella Charity and the mother of all non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Kenya and the Horn of Africa.

PRF addresses some of the most pervasive problems including HIV/AIDS, malaria, hunger, education, poverty, access to clean drinking water, and orphaned children.

In addition, PRF focuses on empowering the youth with different skills and leadership training, to transform community through resourcing to our active number of physically identified initiative sustainable meaningful development projects in Kenya and beyond horn of Africa Countries.

As a charity global team of potential development volunteers, we physically identify the initiative programs through volunteering, working with them and register them for free as our meaningful projects and events. We add these projects to our initiative programs where we solicit the resources to sustain in community development and humanitarian/humanity services.

Over the past decade, we have directly engaged in several community based projects impact in transforming the marginalized and poor community we serve.

Our vision is to empower the marginalized talented persons to enable them improve their living standards and promote sustainability to their initiative talents

Our mission is keeping on investing and mobilizing the resources in fighting against the extreme poverty and hunger, promote human rights, promote peace and promoting the emergency response in the world and our Motto is to Empower people to help others in required resources, gifts, donations, in-kind-donations, volunteers, grants, funds, etc from our sponsors, partners and donors internationally.

PRF welcomes innovative volunteers that can work with minimal supervision and have a positive, self-start attitude. We do not need just only young volunteers but also older people with experience and skills in business skills. The organization is rapidly growing and we have established networks over six East/Central African countries in addition to the Horn of Africa

These countries include:

    • Kenya
    • Uganda
    • Tanzania
    • Rwanda
    • Burundi
    • Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Sudan
    • Southern Sudan
    • Ethiopia
    • Djibouti
    • Eritrea
    • Somalia.

We recruit interested missionaries, donors and volunteers/interns to establish offices supporting sustainable relationships for our charity and new networking opportunities.

Be a part of the change and contribute through donations and our volunteer opportunities.

Our VisionTo empower marginalized talented in order to improve their living standards and promote sustainability to their initiative talents.

Our Mission – To Keep on investing and mobilizing resources towards in fighting against the extreme poverty and hunger, promoting human rights, promoting peace, and promoting emergency response worldwide.

Our Aim – To provide sustainable, meaningful development projects to the marginalized and poor communities in Kenya and beyond horn of Africa countries.

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Vote of Thanks

I take this opportunity to thank our omnipotent heavenly father, who has led and guided us all. I extend my sincere gratitude to my fellow directors who stood all the challenges since the inception of this foundation. Your generous contributions; to finance, moral, technical and social assistance have made Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) stand where it is today.
Precisely, it is an excellent favour from the omnipotent God to rise and form a charitable community trust foundation for the future legacy on behalf of the poor community we serve. – (Humanity service is a service to GOD).
It is exactly ten years since the Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) was established and registered on 21st December 2010 in the republic of Kenya as a charity serving the marginalized and poor community.
I am very much thankful to our credible staff, pioneer missionaries, volunteers, sponsors, partners, donors, families, friends and all well-wishers who have contributed to making our dream a reality.
I thank God and all for guiding us to work wonders this year, 2021 and beyond with all charitable passion and volunteer love for the community.

                                                          -Dominic Mwangi Gatumu


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