an Umbrella Charity and the Mother of all NGOs in Kenya and the Horn of Africa

Prophet Reward Foundation

We work towards empowering people to help others and improve their lives.
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Helping children, youths, women & elderly to change their lives


PROPHET REWARD FOUNDATION (PRF) Charity,  is eligible CAF America international validated organization to receive USA tax exempt donations and grants. PRF is fully independent registered a nonprofit Charitable Trust in the Republic of Kenya under The Trustees Perpetual Succession Cap 164; to Empower, to Promote, to Support, to Sponsor and to Educate the orphans, the vulnerable children, youths, elderly and women through a number of sustainable development projects.

Through CAF America, a US 501 (c) (3) charity (US tax ID no 43-1634280), American supporters, trusts and foundations can give tax-deductible donations to Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF).

Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) was established on 2008 to transform the marginalized and poor community through sustainable development projects in the Republic of Kenya with a motto of “Empowering People to Help Others”.

PRF tries to bring hope to the vulnerable and the marginalized poor community of Kenya and the horn of Africa through direct involvement, and help them in overcoming the challenges they face.

Being an Initiative grassroots Charitable Community Trust, we act as a bridge between our donors and the community same vice verse.

We strive to make a direct difference impact and inspire others according to their interest passion, to join our cause in helping the community population we serve.

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