Africa Hyper Volunteer Centre

We’re a charity supporting vulnerable people in Kenya and other countries in the Horn of Africa.

We’re appealing to philanthropists, writers, donors, people with experience in marketing and fundraising, investors, volunteers, partners and people from all other fields willing to support our charity efforts through online donations. Therefore, PRF can invest in, fundraise for, and sustain various projects through this model. Our projects will range from purchasing land within the Nairobi metropolitan area to building a charity house to consolidate all our programs as the African Hyper Volunteer Centre.

Volunteers worldwide can train and stay at the facility. Donations will help support our meaningful projects and training in digital migration and cryptocurrency. Additionally, donors may support our talented artists, photographers, artefacts, and historical, and cultural musicians in NFTs, creating collections, fundraising investment museums etc.

Working with our foodbank facility to package food and mobilize people, businesses, and farmers to donate money or nonperishable food, we ensure no child goes hungry. Our work ensures that children receive well-balanced nutritious food. We are leading a campaign to eliminate hunger in Kenya and other countries in the Horn of Africa.

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