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We organize different events annually.

2nd February

On 2nd of February each year the foundation commemorates the (Prophet World Charity Day) (PWCD).

The event was established and launched on 2nd February 2012 by the prophet, the founder the vision carrier for PRF. The vision is for transforming the poor community in the world. To commemorate this day the foundation is training the marginalized communities, orphans, widows and the poor on how to share the little they have to others. This helps flush out the mindset of poverty in all people. This is the most important psychological world healing which contributes to poverty and the violence. It is one part of preaching love and peace and the way to heal the world to become a better place to live in. This brings happiness, joy, love; peace and positive vision focused living people in the world.

7th November

Dominic Mwangi, PRF founder, is a peasant acting for the peasants, performing daily activities of handcraft, beekeeping, agriculture, agroforestry, fishing, etc. 

These are the most marginalized people in the community, making up over 75% of the world’s population. On 7th November each year, we commemorate world peasant day. Due to marginalization, the day is not recognized even though the universal peasant declaration has been pending in the international community since 10th December 2003. To raise awareness of the plight of peasants, PRF aims to sponsor WORLD PEASANTS DAY (WPD). This event champions peasants’ voices and rights worldwide.

PRF aims to mobilize and bring together peasants from our networked countries. These include: 

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Southern Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea and Somalia.

 In commemoration of this day, the international peasants will raise their voices to the international community and developed countries for their help and support. This is in line with their vision and farming mission. The developed countries’ donors and governments fund peasants, but the donations end up in the hands of cartels, never reaching the peasants. The peasants never have a representative in the international community as other institutions like the environment, wildlife, etc. This means they are also internationally marginalized, and their rights are abused. Join other charitable organizations, companies, governments, or other grantmakers to assist in funding this WORLD PEASANTS DAY (WPD).

Every December

Kids festival (every December) – Is a one-day fun-filled event meant for the kids to celebrate Christmas together. There are fun activities which include bouncing castles, horse and camel riding, face painting, skating, water sliding, etc. In addition, we also award kids for various achievements including:

  • Outstanding school performance,
  • Behavior improvement,
  • Talent, sports etc

This is commemorated every second weekend of December to prepare them with donations for Christmas day. We call upon all parties globally, individuals, companies, organizations, donor communities etc to support us for the success of this day.


PRF organizes, promotes and supports fashion shows in slums, towns, cities, environment and space partnering with Lady Rocket Space Foundation matching programs on Earth and Space.

Every August

This is an event where teenagers and young adults showcase their talents to society. This is aimed to develop their talents and grow their self-confidence. 



This is a one-week event in which we run an advocacy campaign on HIV/AIDS, behavioral change, drug abuse and other issues affecting the youth. It culminates on the last day of a musical concert in which a mentor who is a local prominent personality passes the advocacy message. Other activities on this day include free HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, skating and dancing.

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