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Millions of Families are struggling to overcome hunger, poverty, and lack of basic supplies. Help us build sustainable, meaningful development projects for marginalized and poor communities in Kenya and beyond the Horn of Africa. Our organization is dedicated to assisting and aiding those in need, including orphanages, children, women, the elderly, and youth. We also have a volunteer program, extending our reach to urban locations. With your support, we can continue to help those most in need and provide them with the resources they require. Your donation will go a long way to improving the lives of countless people. Thank you for your generosity!

Now, more than ever, your support means everything.

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Account Name: Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF)

Account Number: 6598005516

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Please find below our wish list for in-kind donations via CAF America Gift Service or Direct Contact to our food bank to feed and support PRF charity work, the Orphans, Vulnerable Children, and Elderly groups/individuals in Kenya:

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