Youth and Innovation

The Prophet Reward Foundation needs ideas and innovation to make progress against the many problems we face in the marginalized and poor community population. Creative and talented people can contribute to fight against extreme poverty and hunger, but the opportunities to develop are limited to only a small number of well-off children.

By marginalizing the supporting system set up for governments, international institutions/organizations to the poor community population, we are missing out on the creativity and innovations that would enrich our community and help us move forward.

We initiated a youth innovation program to support and empower youth’s ideas and innovation to contribute to the socio-economic and sustainable development of their communities. Its objective is to support people from 12 to 35 years of age with skills training and internship modules. This is essential to break the cycle of unemployment, poverty and hunger strike.

To the progress against other problems: the ideas that sparked technological innovation will made society richer, and breakthroughs in the development of agricultural technology, migration to new ideas to digital technologies, improve the living standards of the talented innovators within our marginalized and poor community making it possible that while the community population increased rapidly hunger will decreased at the same time.

Prophet Reward Foundation partnered with a US organization Lady Rocket Foundation to support and innovating their programs in space education, nurturing talent child artists, fashion show, Lady Rocket Space media  which are very active in Kenya with the goal of bringing Space economy and inspiration, supporting PRF charitable mission, and Copernic Space investing in use of Satellites in Kenya to locate poached rhinos, using NFTs created by PRF founder Dominic Gatumu. Lady Rocket Foundation trained him in using their Spaceibles digital art and Space NFT. Together, Lady Rocket Foundation introduced their Kenya Ferrari Safari Space NFTs and Race plan during the resent week’s Formula-1 Las Vegas to bring visibility and funding for the development of Space and Digital Economy in Kenya.

At the same time Prophet Reward Foundation founder Dominic Gatumu is educated by Lady Rocket Space and Nancy Kilmer team to carry on their NASA authorized classes with Kenya children learning about U.S Space achievements. LRF also provide some funding for food. Copernic Space and Lady Rocket Eva is inviting US Embassy in Kenya, USAID and other US institutions and companies to join their quest accelerating adoption of Space and digital economy in Kenya while also integrating it with help for the Wilde life!

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