Environment & Wildlife Conservation

The Prophet Reward Foundation (PRF) is a non-profit charity organization that empowers and registers initiatives that support environmental and wildlife protection. We identify meaningful projects at the grassroots level, where we volunteer in community development and humanitarian services. We recruit local and international volunteers to mobilize resources in support of those projects.

We support assignments by donating partners, grants, funds, sponsors, and awareness events.

We are recruiting professional volunteers capable in many areas, including those with knowledge of environmental management and science, to unskilled volunteers interested in volunteering abroad in Africa in Kenya to all counties where we serve and networking. Please express your interest in our programs. Let us know what you would like, and we will tailor your volunteer opportunity to your interests.

We are negotiating for Space sponsorship-related Art to expand how we define Space Culture and Economy activities designed to create a greater passion and awareness of how Space Economy is becoming more relevant in our lives and how our future can be improved through the proper development of our space ecosystem to change the life from poverty to better living standards and our Environment/Agriculture/Farming/Nature/Wildlife/Conservation Satellite Data.


PRF offers an excellent opportunity for student volunteers in Environmental Science/Agriculture. We have two superior pilot farms, approximately 1.5 and 3hrs from Nairobi, in a humid and arid zone, respectively. They are unique farming operations: mixed farming, small/variable scale, hand ploughed and sown with intercropping. Farm cropping operation in the arid zone relies on opportunistic sowing and bore water. For student interns/volunteers in this field, it would be an excellent opportunity to learn about the agricultural operations of another country, particularly on the humid zone property. We host students on both properties.

Volunteer Activites

The Prophet Reward Foundation offers a variety of volunteer opportunities in Kenya, including environmental restoration and wildlife conservation.

The volunteers will get to participate in the following activities:

Catchment management,

Tree planting,

Working at the nursery,


Fish farming,


Fuel (implementing energy-saving jikos) to save firewood and engage in research on herbal medicine.

PRF has several partners in environmental restoration projects, including reforestation and land care-like networks. There are also many other meaningful matters the volunteers will have the opportunity to learn from: including visiting local fish farms/aquaculture, national parks, water treatment works and other waste management facilities.

The volunteers also get to participate in the following activities: Catchment management, Tree planting, Working at the nursery, Beekeeping, Fish farming, Grazing etc.

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