As a team of development volunteers, we in the community and on grassroots initiatives. We actively identify initiative programs and register them for free to become our beneficiary projects.
We use all potential and legal ways to invest, to partner, search for grants, mobilizing funds and research for donors. Another key action is recruiting and hosting volunteers and organizing meaningful placements. The work of PRF combats extreme poverty and hunger benefiting marginalized and poor communities.
In the year 2020 there was a huge challenge with the Covid 19 pandemic. This situation continues to unfold in different ways in different countries, disrupting many livelihoods and especially those living below the poverty line. There is dire need to step up humanitarian support to the most vulnerable people.
Many residents in the slums where we operate are unemployed or most people survive on daily casual labor like washing clothes and doing some occasional construction work. Covid 19 his seriously reduced the availability of employment in Kenya.
Work with us through; investing with us, volunteering, partnering with us, funding our programs, sponsoring, interacting with us, sanitary towels donation and distribution, exchange forums, field trips, adopting a child in basic needs, sending your donation or dry foods like rice, cereals, maize flour, porridge flour, cooking oil, soap, face masks, e.t.c. to our mobilizing food bank for distribution to the needy families in our community we serve in Kenya.

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